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Dive Into The New Age Of Electrical Services 

Electrical Services

Electrician using Tablet

Troubleshoot Power Loss

So you come home after a long day at work to find half of your home has no power. What do you do? Call ECN: our experience techs will have your lights back on in record time.

Image by Thomas Kelley

High Electric Bill

Upgrade your old outdated fluorescent lights with the latest LED lighting technologies. Or retrofit them by getting rid of those troublesome high heat producing electric ballast and rewire the fixture to work with LED tubes.  


Engine of Your Business Stopped

Production Line, Auto Shop Lift, Cooling Systems, what ever your motor need is we can get you back in full rotation.

Your Home.      Your Business.

Your Industry.


Really! Whatever electrical needs you have, we can get it done.

Call: 346-304-2960

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