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5 Signs Your Business Needs An Electrical Panel Upgrade

Is your commercial electrical panel frequently causing issues? Flickering lights, tripped breakers, and buzzing equipment may indicate it's time for an upgrade. Replacing outdated panels improves safety and prevents power failures before they impact your daily operations.

Here are five signs your business could benefit from a new commercial electrical panel installation:

1. Frequent Tripped Breakers

Circuit breakers are designed to trip and cut power when electricity loads reach unsafe levels. But when they are constantly tripping at capacities they should reasonably handle, your panel doesn't have adequate amperage. Consistent cuts in power and surging electricity can damage equipment. Upgrading increases capacity to meet your business's electrical demands safely.

2. Flickering Lights

Lights that constantly dim and fluctuate point to voltage delivery issues from an aging panel. It causes inefficient energy consumption and puts extra strain on lighting fixtures. Flickering also indicates potential problems with wiring that should be addressed. A modern commercial electrical panel repair provides steady, reliable energy to eliminate disruptive issues.

3. Buzzing and Hot Equipment

Electrical voltage dips and spikes not only damage lighting – your sensitive POS systems, AV equipment, and machinery are at risk, too. Excess energy flowing can cause overheating and buzzing from outlets and appliances. An expert panel upgrade adjusts voltage flow for balanced, safe electricity delivery.

4. Expanding Electricity Usage

As you add more equipment, computers, machinery, or appliances to keep up with company growth, demand creeps closer to your current electrical capacity. Even if your panel seems fine now, an upgrade before maxing out protects against blown fuses or disastrous outages down the road as your business scales up.

5. Age of Your Panel

If your commercial electrical panel is over 20 years old, it's likely due for replacement based on changing safety standards alone – even if operations seem unaffected. Don't rely on outdated equipment and wiring to support your company's livelihood when a modern alternative engineered to your needs is available.

Safety First with a Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrade

Rather than waiting for a catastrophic outage, be proactive in protecting your business, equipment, and employees with a safer, customized panel solution capable of supporting current and future demands.

Electric City Network licensed electricians provide full-service commercial electrical panel upgrades and installation using the highest quality breakers and wiring. Let us handle the entire permit-approved upgrade process with minimized disruption. Call today for a quote!

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